Top Rated A La Carte Ceramic Coating Service in Hamilton, NJ

Ceramic coating your car’s paint is both important and a great investment, but why stop there? Here in New Jersey, Clubhouse Garage Detail Studio offers a few extra ceramic coating additions that you can add to your coating package to add more protection to your car. We can provide anything from ceramic coating calipers to interior ceramic coating for the leather in your car.

Wheels & Calipers Ceramic Coating

The wheels are first removed from your vehicle, decontaminated, paint corrected and coated, and torqued to spec along with your calipers.

Custom ceramic coating for a set of 4 wheels and calipers | $449

Interior Ceramic Coating

All painted trim, leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric,
and carpet are protected

Starting | $499.00

Windshield & Glass Ceramic Coating

Protect your windshield and glass with a glass coating to help repel rain, snow, dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Windshield Only | $99.00

All Glass | $199.00

Ceramic coating additions are so much more than just superfluous details. These additions are great investments for making your car look its best and ensuring it is protected against dirt, grime, scratches, dents, rust, and much more. Appearance-wise, your car’s exterior will look much glossier and cleaner, while your windows will be clearer than ever. As for your wheels, they’re the most exposed to dirt and debris as you drive. A ceramic coating for the wheels and calipers will help prevent damage that could affect your car’s performance and necessitate a much more expensive replacement. Regarding your interior, you can depend on our ceramic coatings to prevent wear, tear, and friction from wearing out your seats and making the leather go from luxurious to crusty and dry.

If you have a car that you cherish and want to preserve, then these ceramic coating additions and extras are essential for both their value and practical benefits. To learn more about Clubhouse Garage’s auto detailing NJ options, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! No one loves cars more than us, and we want to share our expertise and passion for vehicles with you by helping you protect your own cars. In particular, you can find us serving our local communities in New Jersey to ensure our state has the best cars in the nation. Talk with us today to get started; our experts have all the insight you need to make the best decision possible. Call us today!