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Welcome to Clubhouse Garage where we offer the most technologically advanced auto window tint films in Central Jersey!

Best Window Tint In NJ

We pride ourselves on providing premier window tinting in Mercer County and the rest of Central Jersey! With over a decade. of experience installing window tint, you can trust us to provide the best window tint installation with the most advanced films on the market. We offer both Carbon and Ceramic window tint films from Ceramic Pro. All of our tint is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty against any fading, bubbling, or cracking. At Clubhouse Garage we stand behind our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee

Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint

Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint

KAVACA CERAMIC IR window tint is the most protective tint on the market. This tint has infused a proprietary formula of nano-ceramic technology with an IR layer to produce the ultimate window film that is incredible at rejecting heat, glare control, and UV protection. This ceramic window tint is the most protective film because it blocks up to 99% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays and filters 96% of infrared heat which keeps you protected while keeping the interior of you car cool.

KAVACA window film carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Kavaca Carbon CS Window Tint

Kavaca Carbon CS Window Tint

KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window tint is the best bang for your buck when it comes to keeping your car protected and cool in Mercer County and the rest of Central Jersey! This carbon window tint is available in black or charcoal and a variety of percentages. This film blocks 99% of cancer-causing UV rays and filters up to 70% of infrared heat. KAVACA window tint produces a crystal-clear visibility and is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


The Best Auto Window Tint Films In Mercer County, NJ

Looking for the best window tinting near me? Look no further! Clubhouse garage offers the superior tint install with the most advanced window film in the industry. If you want to keep your car cool and your passengers safe from UV rays then tinting is a must! We also offer tinting for your windshield that is virtually invisible but still blocks all the harmful rays and IR heat. Book you window tint install today!