High Quality Car Storage Service in New Jersey

Conveniently located in Mercer County, New Jersey, our secured and climate-controlled vehicle storage facility is the best place to have your collection managed or to store your vehicle. We service all surrounding counties including Bucks County, PA. The care and attention your vehicle receives is unlike any other storage facility on the east coast. We pride ourselves in providing the best luxury car storage in NJ for car collectors and enthusiasts who put their trust in our dedicated team of professionals to store their vehicle. You would now be a part of a family of like-minded individuals. We offer one all-inclusive package to our clients. This package covers everything you and your vehicle need while being stored at Clubhouse Garage Detail Studio. With our car storage facility being located in Hamilton Township, NJ, it is easily accessible right off Route 1 to see or drive your vehicle whenever you like. If you would like access to your vehicle, just call us or send us a message letting us know when you would like to pick up your car and it will be ready for you at the door with our white glove concierge service.  Learn more about our ceramic coating (A La Carte) services.

Our Process

Vehicle Arrives

Whether we pick up your vehicle in our enclosed climate controlled trailer or it was dropped off by you, it is now in our storage facility where it will undergo a pre-storage inspection and, if desired , straight into our detail studio for a deep cleaning for a small fee.

The Vehicle Enters Our Detail Studio

Your vehicle is brought into our detail studio under our inspection lights where the inspection will take place.


We thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure it is being stored correctly including tire tread, tire pressure, fluids, and battery health. Anything we find we will make sure to notify you and provide a quote for any work that may need to be completed.

Maintenance Wash

For a small fee, you will have the option to include a detail for your prized possession before it gets safely put into storage.


Your vehicle is then moved into its parking spot in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. There, it will be placed on a battery tender, window will be slightly opened to allow airflow, handbrake is released, and, if desired, car will be covered.

Our Facility

Our All Inclusive Package Includes:

Request a parking spot

We offer a very limited number of spaces to ensure every vehicle stored at Clubhouse Garage gets the care and attention it deserves, so reach out to reserve your spot today!