The Best Level 1 - Maintenance Detail Service in Hamilton, NJ

This is a great option if you are looking to add shine and protection to your car without removing any swirls and scratches in the paint. Clients who have gotten their vehicle ceramic coated at Clubhouse Garage usually book this once every 2 weeks to keep their ceramic coating properly maintained and their vehicle looking its best. If you want to get scratches and swirls out of your paint check out our Level 2 – Enhancement Detail


Snow foam applied, Car shampooed using 3 bucket system, Iron remover, Clay bar, Door jams cleaned, Wheels are deep cleaned and dressed, Windows cleaned, Paint sealant is applied

Vacuum, Seats and carpet are deep cleaned, Fabric and leather are protected, windows are cleaned

Car | Starting at $299

Midsize | Starting at $349

Truck/Van/SUV | Starting at $399

A la carte

*In addition to the price of the detail

Ceramic Coating | Top Coat Maintenance

Car | $299
Midsize | $349
Truck/Van/SUV | $399

Ceramic Coating | Paint Only

Car | $699
Midsize | $799
Truck/Van/SUV | $899

Ceramic Coating | Full Exterior Package
Glass, Trim, Door Jams, and Wheel Faces

Car | $995
Midsize | $1,095
Truck/Van/SUV | $1,195