High Quality Level 4 - Signature Detail Service in Hamilton, NJ

Perfect is what we are striving for with this detail package! Your paint will go through our labor intensive multi-step paint to get your paint as defect free as possible. Whether you want you car to look the best on the road or get ready for your garage show room, this is the detail package we recommend. There is one more package available that would set you vehicle apart for any others on the road and that would be our Level 5 – Concours Detail

Snow foam applied, Car shampooed using 3 bucket system, Iron remover, Clay bar, Paint goes through our multi-step correction process to achieve 90-95% correction, All glass and metal are polished, Door jams cleaned, Wheels are deep cleaned and dressed, Windows cleaned, Paint sealant and wax is applied by hand. Ceramic coating is an optional upgrade with this package.
Vacuum, Seats and carpet are steam cleaned, Deodorized & Sanitized to eliminate oder and bacteria, Fabric and leather are protected, windows are cleaned

Car | Starting at $1,399.00

Midsize | Starting at $1,549.00

Truck/Van/SUV | Starting at $1,799.00

A la carte

*In addition to the price of the detail

Ceramic Coating | Paint Only

Car | $699
Midsize | $799
Truck/Van/SUV | $899

Ceramic Coating | Full Exterior Package
Glass, Trim, Door Jams, and Wheel Faces

Car | $995
Midsize | $1,095
Truck/Van/SUV | $1,195